The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

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The Stuka is an open free fall slide for body use with the biggest slope and with no visual reference point in braking for which reason the feeling of free fall is pure, up until the straightening in the last part of the trajectory, where various G forces push you down on the slide and you finish the adventure in the pool or braking channel.

Its simple fall design with the biggest possible slope and its subsequent arrangement to leave you even perpendicular against the floor make you feel the vertigo of pure free fall in the quickest ride of all the water rides, which, the higher it gets, the more speed it accumulates to create emotions corresponding to its size.

Together with the Kamikaze it is one of the simplest designs, but owing to its purity it will survive for a very long time with the best safety standards to turn every trajectory into an explosion of adrenaline and to have the best possibility of repeating it how many times you want due to the ease of use and new sensations that can be discovered with each jump.

Currently the majority of the Stukas are used with a braking channel (extension of the slide which eliminates the need of a pool) to increase their range of use and better control the fall of the user, which is limited in the laterals and facilitates the exit from the ride just one step away from it, in order for it to be used again.

Its minimum water flow is 12 liters/second (3.17 gal/sec) which is equivalent to a kids’ ride, but don’t let yourself be fooled, because this is just to decrease the friction and make it quicker in its use.

Usually it is the highest slide in the park to increase its attraction, but its simple design allows it to be used from heights of 6 meters (20’), up to above 20 meters (65’), which facilitates its installation in nearly any place.

For small heights, Fibrart recommends that the Stukas end in a pool or braking channel, but in heights over 9 meters we recommend the braking channel due to better control of the fall and increase in the usage frequency.

The Stuka slide has a flow of 200 users per hour on average, which is low because of the need to exit the pool before the ride can be cleared for the next user. Given that it is not a high flow ride, it is a perfect complement for water parks, spas, hotels and resorts which wish to broaden their offer for intrepid young people and maintain their park with renewed attractions.

The same stuka can be made exclusive for swimmers separating it from the fall into the pool and increasing the deepness of the fall pool to at least 1.80 mts, to make it more fun in small slides.

Its low cost of installation and operation, as well as the predilection of young people both in age and heart for adrenaline make the Stuka the best slide for a young and adventurous segment.

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