Construction of New Parks

The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

Open Panel

Fibrart actively collaborates in the construction of new water parks through its designs and advice to the owner of the project. Fibrart provides detailed and schematic construction parks of hydraulic facilities so that the client may choose with whom and how to construct the new park or infrastructure for his new water attraction. Fibrart can actively advise on the general construction of your water project, but it is always the client who decides how to conduct the project designed by Fibrart.

Finishing the process of designing a new park, the client of Fibrart has general plans of the location of general infrastructure of the whole park, such as parking lots, bathroom modules, locker rooms, sales points, offices, trails, ticket booths, green areas and attractions. Fibrart also delivers detailed plans for construction of contracted attractions, such as wave pools, wild rivers, slide towers, kids’ areas and dry rides. With these plans the client can hire an architect’s office and detail his project for which fibrart was hired to execute it on his own or with his preferred contractor.

Usually, the client coordinates the development of the project with different suppliers dedicated to their area of specialization, as is the case of Fibrart for water attractions, pool equipment and finishing and filtering equipment, general construction and furnishings. He can also use a general constructor who will develop the vision of the owner of the works.

Currently it is common to develop the parks with a minimum grade of theming which makes the construction, which is already quite big, with artistic details which are not very common in many parts, such as artificial rock which is a common element in theming and environmental setting of parks in current times. Likewise big signs and ever-more abundant vegetation create a great challenge for the older parks with large concrete esplanades which used their attractions as nearly the only element of entertainment in their park. Today the environmental setting, the service and the attractions make one team in order for the visitors to come to the park, to stay for longer and to spend more in food and drink, as well as souvenirs and other services.


In general the parks have an average life of over 100 years, for which reason their construction should be in accordance with this time lapse. Concrete and steel are the most popular items in present times while plastics such as fiberglass, which make up the majority of the attractions, gain ever more traction thanks to its flexibility in construction and short construction times.

Fibrart always recommends using stamped concrete in the majority of facilities such as trails, squares and parking lots, as well as pools, and in some towers and facades. The choice of concrete over steel in the towers of ride exits is down to development time, because it takes more time to build a tower with concrete than its equivalent in steel, while in many places concrete is a great deal cheaper than steel. The columns and supports of the rides are better done in steel for their flexibility in modifications and corrections at the time of installing, furthermore their usual quantity, isn’t greater than that of the exit tower.

Preformed plastics are a tendency which was seen in an industrial way (above all in petroleum platforms) and is currently seen in many towers owing to its durability, ease of change per section, the characteristic of not splintering as does wood, and can look like wood, rock or ceramics without the high cost and furthermore it is not a thermal or electric conductor, which is very important in the water industry. Thus besides steps it will increasingly be seen in rails, stairs, mobile sales points, announcements, furniture (benches, tables and lockers) and of course themed decoration.

Steel is a nearly inseparable companion of water attractions, fibrart recommends to always use steel galvanized in hot material and maintain a maintenance program at the site of the park. Many parks decide not to paint the steel and leave the galvanized steel in plain sight, however if the steel is in contact with water it should be covered with special paint to avoid water contamination and protect the steel from corrosion and chemical wear. Independently from the brand of the paint used it is recommended to use several layers of protection against UV, corrosion and chemicals such as chlorine and water minerals.


Water parks are companies which owe a great deal of their profitability to the image they have, for which reason avoiding accidents since the start of construction is the goal to maintain a good image in the community. Less shallow pools, with adequate drainage and water suction, apart from appropriate arresters which protect the visitors and well-located and safe power outlets to greatly reduce the normal risks in a park, however the main accident in a park or water attraction is a blow due to slipping on polished surfaces, for which reason surfaces with good traction are an option, if not a priority for any park, spa, hotel, resort, recreational center, public or private pool, swimming school and even a commercial center.

Green construction

Green focus in the construction of water parks is getter ever more popular and cannot be ignored by the current parks which faced with each extension or refurbishment should try to include ecological elements of energy use reduction, leveraging resources through their reuse and handling of waste generated by the park.

Using plastic recycled material, constructing with earth walls and materials fetched from nearby reduces the carbon footprint of your park or water section and benefits your image and the welfare of everyone.

Many of the walls or divisions can now be generated by green walls with regional plants and using lagoons with water plants which filter the water rather than normal treatment plants are the elements that the park can leverage as an example for its community.

An important part of the operating cost of a park is electrical energy, which can be generated with solar panels or at least you can use solar panels to heat the water; these panels currently have an accessible price and can be integrated architectonically into the design of the terraces and roofs of buildings such as restrooms and locker rooms, reducing the cost and giving your business a note of social responsibility.


There are regions which have strict design rules such as Europe and countries associated with the European community or the United States, with construction codes that vary a lot depending on the state, however both the AST of the USA and the UEN of Europe and many guidelines such as those on the local level are good references for construction, which will help in the future against lawsuits concerning your parks and attractions.

Construct with the best possible materials to leave your project not just for current administration, but also for future generations and if possible, leverage solar light, wind, recycled materials and use the biggest possible number of vegetation, in order to have a park for future generations, respected by the community and appreciated by its users.

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