The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

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The Kamilancha is an open free fall slide for its use with tires or inflatable wheels, which makes it a rapid and emotional slide, which may be used by the whole family. With its 1.37 meters (54”) of width in the trajectory space, the Kamilancha can comfortably use tires (inflatable wheels) of 1.07 mts (42”) to 1.22 mts (48”), be they simple or double, with a recommendation of those measuring 1.07 (42”) for general use and only those of 1.22 (48”) for fall into pools connected with slow rivers, to maximize their floatability. It has a capacity to move 400 users per hour on average and generate lots of fun. It can be used as the first tire slide for water parks, spas, hotels or resorts which have the sufficient space to house its 90 meters of length and 10 of height on average.

This slide can be combined with the aquatubo 54” to start with some twist or change of direction and in that way accommodate the available space. The Kamilancha is a tire slide of a simple look (straight and waved) but depends on good design to maximize the fun and emotions of the jumps, the fall and the splash upon reaching the pool. Only Fibrart with more than 30 years of experience can guarantee a wide range of fun and adjustment to the taste of the client within the limits of greater fun and safety that only our experience can provide.

Its length can be from 12 to 125 mts, it most popular use being 65 meters with a fall into the pool and 90 mts with a breaking channel; which makes it more flexible in design and because it is completely straight various rides can be used in parallel to generate competition between the users.

Its fall percentage is around 15%, but because it is not regular, it creates the emotion of jumps and loss of gravity only offered by the kamikazes, at the same time retaining its family use and high safety levels.

Its high rate of user rotation of 3000 per day can greatly help to decongest your attractions with a tire slide and a smaller investment than the bigger tire slides with turns. This makes it ideal for water parks, spas, hotels and resorts with sufficient space to house the big tire slides.

The kamilancha slides are among the first water rides to have been made, back in the times, with concrete, and when the technology changed to their construction with fiberglass they could be provided with a longer life thanks to better flexibility of the plastic as compared to concrete, greatly increasing its lifespan and considerably decreasing its maintenance costs.

If you want to venture into the use of tire slides and provide permanent fun for years at a low cost, the Kamilancha slide from Fibrart is the best option among the tire slides.

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