Water Park Renovation

The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

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At Fibrart we believe that all water parks can improve, and an important part of these improvements is renovating the water rides, increasing the number of attractions or bringing new life to the installed attractions to make them more appealing to the users and visitors of your park. There is infinite choice for broadening, modifying or adapting of the water attractions of your park and we can provide you with the best option for renovating it.

In renovating water parks, as in any other park, there are many options to be considered depending on the needs of your water park. The most important need is the current demand of your attractions. If your current attractions have not brought people to your park and are under-used, they should be modified or even substituted for attractions with more appeal. If, on the contrary, your attractions generate long lines then you should update or add attractions. Another great reason even when the lines of users are long and the rides have a short life cycle, is when you have competition which is always adding new attractions and capturing ever more users with each new attraction. If you don’t want to spend money to get the newest attraction for your park and the demand is well serviced by the current set of rides, maybe you would like to update them with theming, new colors, a new sign or you could even create a zone of attractions with the same concept or theme which will attract new users to the same rides.

What you should always have in mind is when you invest in renovating your park the focus should be on covering the weakest link between image and capacity, which is what a good attractions consultant can assess for you and create more value in the long term notwithstanding the cost of your attractions or the investment amount to be spent.

When your attractions are no longer appealing to the public, generate little demand and have ceased to be magnets for attracting people to your park it is time for making an important decision and acquiring new attractions, removing the existing ones or even creating a new water zone within your own park to be able to manage demand and correct the initial growth mistakes which stop many parks from achieving success. A good provider of attractions will provide you with options while trying to make use of towers, supports, swimming pools and machine rooms which already exist so that your investment can be lower, at the same time bringing you access to the best possible attractions for your water park. This is very common in big hotels and resorts with large and majestic swimming pools with little or no activities for young people, children or families with little kids who want to share family moments with the little ones and can’t access the large pools designed by adults and for adults who just want to rest. Fibrart has redesigned and installed attractions in an infinite number of pools for children designed as if they were adults, providing a more attractive and better use of facilities and prolonging the stay time of visitors, which increases business.

If your current attractions are successful they surely draw attention, but long lines of users form, in which case it is necessary to add attractions or if this is not possible change those with the smallest user speed for rides with higher rotation, such as multi-line rides or Aquaracer as we call them at Fibrart. In just one ride you receive the capacity of 600 persons per hour for each of the two channels or lines of the ride and our Aquaracer can be made from infinite lines, 4 and 6 lines being the most popular options. The extreme rides, such as the Stukas, Kamikazes and body Torbellinos are those which have the highest rotation, for which reason they are the prime candidates for dedicating the space for a tower in the interest of the common good. Obviously if your ride has a still relatively short life cycle (less than 8 years), it would be worth conserving it rather than performing renovation.

Finally there is a popular reason for renovating your park and that is competitive pressure because if there is a new park with new attractions reducing our share of visitors something has to be done. Given that service and promotion can go a long way there is nothing better than a new attraction which will bring new life to our park and a great excuse for our PR man to create a good campaign to attract clients. Choosing a new attraction is once again based on demand, because if our rides perfectly cover user demand we might need a ride which is more of a promotion tool than a ride covering high levels of user demand. Bearing this in mind the most attractive rides are usually the torbellinos, because they especially appeal to new users and if they use tires they can easily satisfy the demand of a broader range of users both small and large and even small groups. Obviously all this is always better enjoyed together, therefore if your attraction can be themed and annexed to a theme zone to both make it more attractive and share the investment cost in theming, it is always a better option.

Renovations are like the second opening of the park, because they involve big investments and generate great expectations which can provide a quantum leap for your park and make it the best option or simply keep it afloat for some time, but both should always be developed together with a professional giving you the best possible advice for your renovation to be a success and not just a large investment with little return.

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