Design of New Parks

The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

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Fibrart has personnel dedicated to the design of parks with more than 15 years of experience and this experience makes all the difference when choosing the indicated attractions, distributing them in a balanced way in the terrain and integrating all the necessary elements in order for your park design to provide the greatest possible satisfaction to your visitors and at the same time in order for it to be a money making machine, smoothly and without delays.

The design of a new park or a water section within a theme park, hotel, resort, recreational center, party hall, roofed park or even in a swimming school depends above all on the balance of the available space, the needs of the client for whom the new park or section is dedicated and the dream or vision of the owner. Fibrart tries to balance these factors through a wide range of attractions and the broadest experience on the market.

After a chat with the owner and/or person(s) responsible for the project, Fibrart determines the space available on your terrain, the level of the park that the client wants and the target market, as well as the site and environment where the new water park would be built. With this information Fibrart can choose the best attractions, create a master distribution of the park in order not to make mistakes in the future, which includes all the necessary infrastructure elements which a new park needs and at the same time a future development plan for the park.

Choice of terrain

Among the first parts which Fibrart considers for the design of a new park is the choice of terrain. Usually the owner has to consider various alternatives in order to choose where to develop his new water park, spa, recreation center or water section within his current hotel, resort, park, etc… A very simple way to consider the best terrain in the case of new parks is to take into account the following aspects and subscribe each one with a value as represented by their importance and create a comparison between the available options.

Water availability. If the park is based on water, you need a constant and above all reliable source of water. Municipal networks are not usually reliable, for which reason we recommend that the terrain have its own deep well to provide water, the quality and quantity can be administered through the filtering equipment and storage and treatment facilities, but above all there has to be a constant inflow of water.

Near population centers. Usually the target market of the spa will be no more than 2 hours’ drive from the park. The more population around the park the better, and depending on the quickness of the communication lines and the local culture, you can cover more population and therefore more clients.

Park access. The location of the park with respect to roads which connect you to your clients is also a valuable part to consider. The better the roads with more population the better for the project. It is also an advantage if the park is located by highways or avenues, due to ease of access and above all the visibility of attractions from the main road, which makes the park and its attractions into an endless neon sign.

Size and general form of the terrain. It is difficult to acquire rectangular or square terrain with elevation on the rim which lowers the cost of the towers for the main attractions, however it is the most recommended option. Due to its ease always a flat terrain is better than one with much elevation (ease of construction) and a terrain with a square form is better than one which is rectangular or trapezoidal, as the distribution in the design will be balanced and it will reduce the walking distances for the clients.

Permits and licenses. Finally an important paragraph is that the project be able to be built where constructions permits and park creation permits are welcome. There are governments, civil associations (NGOs), neighbors and many other stakeholders who can block or at least make life very difficult for a water park project, for which reason we always recommend that the client conduct the project in a place where it will be facilitated through permits and licenses, and where it can have a positive influence.

General distribution

With the terrain plan we can start to distribute in a general form the location of the park access, space for the parking lot and location of the attractions. This part is very important because it defines the fork in which the park will be operating and how it will grow, therefore in the part of the general design grow space should be defined both of the attractions as of the base infrastructure of the new water park, such as the green area, parking lot, sales points, warehouse, operation and maintenance entrances, electrical and hydraulic installations.

Once the general distribution is defined, the parking spaces are detailed, as are the green spaces, towers and pools, sales points, trails and distributors, warehouses and offices, etc. This in general is the base to details the second important part which is the addition of attractions.

Choice of attractions

Fibrart has one of the broadest catalogs of water attractions to develop your park according to the vision of the owner. Fibrart usually develops complete projects and the client chooses which attractions to use for the opening of his park independently from the recommendations given to him by Fibrart in order to develop his water park. The usual recommendations are to have the best possible kids’ area and to have a solid project of a tower with various slides and finally to have a wave pool which can reliably provide service.

Location of the attractions

Once the attractions are chosen and the general distribution of the park is set, the attractions are located by importance and ease to develop as the project advances. In general the kids’ area can be chosen from various options, ranging from traditional construction, theme construction to simple or themed multi-levels.

The pools are an indispensable part and the prime attraction of nearly all the older parks and spas, where water attraction per se does not exist. Currently there is a tendency for the pools to be shallow, with less water volume to reduce filtering cost and at the same time they are equipped with attractions such as fountains, waterfalls and slides in order to maintain the pools active and fun. Finally there are wave pools and slow rivers which, if you decide to open a park with a wave pool, it is generally situated in the center due to the quantity of persons who cluster around it.

The slides are the most visible attractions in the park, due to their size, height and are one of the few architectonical or engineering works used exclusively for fun. Fibrart uses a wide range of slides, ranging from the most basic body slides, all the way to bigger raft or multi-line slides with aquatubo, which will give you a high portent and fun image for your park. These attractions should be preferably located in sight of the general public and from outside the park in order for them to function as the prime promoter of your water park, hotel, resort, spa, recreation center, public or private pool and swimming school or party hall.

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