The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

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Fibrart's service and quality is confirmed by the customers re-purchase. Some of our clients have been buying aquatic attractions for the past 25 years and they are still adding aquatic attractions at the present.

Agua Caliente Parque Acuático
Jalisco, México
4 traditional open body slides (1980)
1 Wave pool (1984)
1 kamikazze high speed open slide (1987)
1 kids' area (1988)
2 Aquatubos 32" enclosed body slide(1989)
1 Crazy River (1993)
2 Inner tube slides (1997)
1 Torbellino (Bowl) (1999)
1 themed kids' area (2000)
1 Inner tube slide (2003)

"Users safety in aquatic attractions is fundamental and vital for an amusement park. With Fibrart’'s slides we have never had an accident and we use this as a competitive advantage against competitor parks. Water slides installed in 1980. 25 years ago, are still running in great conditions providing fun to our demanding clientele".

Marcos Cruz
General Manager
Tel: (+52) 387 778 0022

Parque Acuático ExHacienda de Temixco
Morelos, México
4 inner tube slides (1997)
1 Kids area (1998)
1 Aquaracer, 6 lane high speed slide (1998)

"In 1998 we decided to add aquatic attractions to our water park (4 inner tube slides more than 330 feet long), which turn out to be a great success and situated us among the leader water parks in Mexico. In 1999 we requested Fibrart's expertise to develop a themed kids area. They came out with one of the most beautiful kids areas that I’ve ever seen. We made a fantastic and immediate impact in our customers. 2 years later, an Aquaracer, a 6 lane high speed slide, became one of our most wanted attractions. It is great because in very busy days, with its 6 lanes we entertain a large number of visitors. We will certainly continue adding aquatic attractions to the park and we will always rely on Fibrart''s professionalism and expertise”".

Fernando Alvarez
Owner and Comercial Manager
Tel: (+52) 555 511 4699

Club Ecológico Asturiano
Morelos, México
6 traditional slides (1991)
4 high speed slides (1991)
1 Kids area (1991)
1 Kids area (2002)
1 inner tube slide (2002)
1 traditional slide (2002)
1 Kids area (2003)

"More that 20 years ago (1991) the club installed 10 slides in 3 platforms and a kids area in one same project. Those first attractions continue entertaining its members in good conditions and we give an enhanced service with the recently added aquatic attractions. Our fairy tale kids area is amazing, very creative and unique. Every small detail is perfect. We are very satisfied with the quality, service, creativity and guarantee received from Fibrart, our only slide and kids areas supplier”."

Leonel Gutiérrez
General Manager
Tel: (+52) 597 977 3072

Parque Acuático Oaxtepec
"Largest Water Park in Latin America"
Morelos, México
6 traditional slides (1998)
1 Kids area (1998)

"Since installation and to now, we have had no problems with any aquatic element supplied by Fibrart. Maintenance for this attractions is very simple and the users are absolutely safe. Visitors feel this safety that makes them comfortable and secure in the park”."

Ian Quintanilla
Maintenance Manager
Tel: (+52) 735 356 9000

Parque Acuático Los Camachos
Jalisco, México
1 Kids area (1993)
1 Aquaracer. 4 lane high speed slide (2003)

"This aquatic attraction is located in a natural canyon. Fibrart's design and engineering staff made an excellent job to save most of the 200 years old trees situated inside the canyon. At the same time we used the natural slope to minimize the cost of steel structure. The Aquaracer is our best attraction. We are very happy because our clients get really excited and as soon as they finish the ride they want to repeat immediately the thrill experienced”".

Eusebio Jiménez
Tel: (+52) 333 122 4034

Hotel y Parque Acuático Comanjilla
Guanajuato, México
2 Aquatubos, enclosed 32"body slide (2000)
1 Kids area (2000)
2 Traditional open body slides (2001)
2 High speed slides (2001)
1 Wave pool (2004)

"All of our aquatic attractions were supplied by Fibrart and until now the quality and fulfillment have exceeded what we expected”".

Arturo Soto
General Manager
Tel: (+52) 477 745 2026

Water World Parque Acuático
Cataluña, España
2 Torbellinos, bowl (2002)

"Being one of the most important water parks in Europe, we have to be always innovating and adding the hottest aquatic attractions in the market. The "Storms"(Fibrart's torbellinos) are an impressive attraction to sight and a breathtaking attraction for those who dare to ride them. After analyzing several possible suppliers, Fibrart turned to be our best option for these slides. After some years using their product we are convinced that we selected the right supplier”".

Josep Cama
President and Owner
Tel: (+34) 933 631 688

La Ola Marina Parque Acuático
Albergue Olímpico, Puerto Rico
1 Kids area (2001)
1 Kids area (2003)

"Our Isla Chiquitines kids area is one of our main attractions in the water park. And the new Villa Enchumba kids area is as we say in Puerto Rico "major leagues”, it has no competition or similarity with any other park in Puerto Rico. Fibrart's creative support has been fundamental in our parks' success”".

Eugenio Guerra
Executive Manager, Albergue Olímpico de Puerto Rico
Tel: (787) 824 2200

Amusement Connections, Inc.
Aquatic attractions distributor in USA and Asia
Water park consultant
Colorado, USA

"Fibrart's aquatic attractions and water slides are capable of competing in any market worldwide against the best american and european products. Their quality, design and engineering meet the most demanding market standards".

Jeff Sherick
Tel: 303 681 3199

Custom Fun Company
Water parks and amusement parks designer
Texas, USA

"We always include and suggest Fibrart's aquatic attractions and slides in our water park and kids areas designs. Their excellent quality guarantees us that our client will be absolutely satisfied".

Jorge Fuentes
Design Director

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