Body Bowl

The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

Open Panel

The body bowls are extreme slides which use a pot-shaped structure to turn many times inside until they fall into the center and reach the pool. It is one of the most spectacular rides you can acquire.

They are made of an aquatubo 32” (closed slide), which is connected to a pot where the user achieves considerable speed forcing him to keep on turning while pushed against the walls until he drops in the center, where he drops from a height of 1.5 mts (5’) into a pool with a deepness of 1.8 (6’) to 2.0 mts (6´8”).

The trajectory of a whirlwind is full of emotion, as it starts with a vertiginous fall in the aquatubo 32” to exit while being spat out on one side whirling within the pot to finally fall into the pool where a sharp dip makes you remember that the end may be refreshing.

It is the best offer for parks which wish to increase their offer and exposition in media with a star ride, even if they don’t have saturation problems, as the ride has a low rotation of users, but stands can be constructed so that people can see the users spinning in the pot and falling into the pool, generating competition for the speed or number of spins conducted within the pot before falling into the water.

It can be designed in a traditional way, with a vertiginous drop from the aquatubo 32” (25 mts of trajectory and 45° of slope), to connect to the pot, or two twin whirlwinds can be placed in the same tower. You may want the journey to last longer and you may want a much longer aquatubo … why not 80… 110 mts (260’-360’) of emotion.

Because the whirlwind not just provides emotions, it sells. It sells the emotions to the user and entertainment to those who see the intrepid people jump in and spin time and again. It sells the image that a park can be, apart from being family-oriented, also entertaining for young people and real adventurers.

The whirlwind is a ride to show off your excellent park, as it generates the necessary amount of emotion, fear and mystery in those who wish to use one of the best water rides ever made.

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