Inner-tube Bowl

The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

Open Panel

There are exciting rides, which are unique and create sensations, and apart from them, as one of a few there is the whirlwind. But its singularity meant that only a few could really enjoy it… until now.

Fibrart, as is the case of the best slide manufacturers in the world, is adding to its product line one of the best rides that can possibly exist. As exciting as the whirlwind, but so family-oriented as the tire rides which allow you to share the emotions with your friends… the Tire whirlwind.

This ride uses the same sense of emotions of the whirlwind, with the ease and comfort of using tires for slides, which makes it gentle, sufficiently rapid, with capacity for 2 users and most definitely fun.

A ride such as the whirlwind is a great idea, but adapting it so that it works with single or double tires is an even better idea. The only problem is that the engineering for it to work is quite complicated. An important part of the normal whirlwind is that it ends in a free fall into a pool from 1.5 mts, which cannot be done with a user who is using a tire or much less in the case of a tire with two users. To resolve this problem, the only possible alternative is to place a braking channel (another great idea), but that only complicates the matter. For this reason the way of ending this slide in an emotional way and for it not to end with users on tires falling into the pool, is for the people to first reach a transition which is a type of spiral in the center of a pot (which grows enormously) gently floating to finally slide to a braking channel at the floor level.

There are many details for this idea to work with one or two persons in single or double tires, and these persons have different weights, in order for them to reach the entrance of the spiral and from there gently reach the exit. Currently there are companies which have not yet resolved this problem and others which have it more or less resolved. Fibrart has strongly worked to resolve a problem which has been mastered by a few and in our case it has been a long journey, starting from the first whirlwind which was launched in the year 2000 up until this year when the first tire whirlwind in the United States was delivered to its owner.

If one day a user would have just one hour to try the best rides which currently exist, he would surely pick the tire whirlwind among his best fun options as is the case of the normal whirlwind, this will be a hit in the sales image of your park, increasing (finally) the use capacity and extending the experience to family and friends.

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