Central Figures

The open body slides and the enclosed body slides are the basic elements for a water park.

The inner-tube slides are bigger slides to be used with inflatable inner-tubes.

For people that like thrilling rides to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

The Amazon River is a slide open for use with rafts of up to 5 persons.

Kids areas include interactive elements and decorative elements.

Play structures are modular attractions which are used as exit islands for slides.

Open Panel

Fibrart has themed figures that owing to their size and complexity are a great attraction in their own right. They create an environment around them which enables the development of the space to add new parts and grow the fun and impact in the users and sales in an exponential way in water parks, spas, private and public pools, recreation centers, etc… These central pieces such as the pirate fort, the pumpkin from the fairytale, the pirate ship, the house slide, the dragon, have sizes from 2.4 x 4.5 mts (8’x15’), up to 15 x 3 mts (50’x10’), for which reason Fibrart has that iconic piece that you are looking for to distinguish your park, spa, hotel or resort from the rest.

One of the most used central figures is the little house, which together with two theme slides and a rain figure (mushroom, palm, tree, thatched hut), can recreate a fairytale for the smallest kids and provide them limitless hours of fun in a safe and controlled environment. The house slide has general dimensions of 2.4 x 4.5 x 3.5 mts (8’x15’x11’6”), width by length by height respectively; which makes it a compact piece which brings life to any space, creating a unique and striking image both for water parks, spas, private and public pools, as well as recreation centers, kids’ party halls and restaurants.

The Pirate Fort is an iconic and striking figure due to its size and detail level. It is made of three parts which are the access stairs, tower and slide terrace, fibrart can configure the pirate fort in many ways and with various kids’ slides, but the twin slide is the most popular due to its double channel, size and practicality. The general dimensions of the pirate fort are 5.2 x 2.4 x 5.4 mts (17’x8’x18’), which makes it the champion of the themed figures which will fill your fun space and can allocate as many users as could a pool, providing entertainment both for kids and adults. It is ideal to start or expand your kids’ pirate area in a quick and low cost way, which together with the rain figures and theme slides will fill you water park, spa, hotel, resort, private or public pool, as well as recreation centers, kids’ party halls and even restaurants or malls with adventures.

The dragon from Fibrart is a very striking figure due to its sectioned design that can be just the head or including the body and tail to create a more dramatic and striking visual effect in your visitors. Anyone will stop for a moment to have a detailed look at this iconic piece from Fibrart which cannot be offered to you by any other manufacturer with the same detail and satisfaction level. The Dragon has general dimensions of 15 x 3 x 3.8 mts (50’x10’x12’6”) which generate a high impact in those who look at it from afar and up close. The dragon is a piece which can be turned into a snake or even be part of the exit body of a slide, giving it various options to adapt to the taste, space and decoration of the site. It is one of the central figures that a park, spa, hotel, resort, recreation center or party hall could have to attract more clients.

The pumpkin slide, together with the house slide is one of our most recognized pieces in the world due to the big themed developments where it has been included. The pumpkin is a piece which includes a wide slide in its exit and can optionally be equipped with seats for kids, as well as corncobs on the sides of the wide slide to make it even more eye-catching. It has windows to make it more fresh and eye-catching. The general dimensions are 2.5 x 3 mts (8’2”x 10’) in diameter by height, plus 3 mts (10’) of the slide. The pumpkin can be equipped with up to 3 rides in the same package, always leaving aside an access part which may be a corridor, fixed bridge, hanging bridge, or staircase for direct access. It is great option to start or extend kids’ areas and areas for the smallest visitors in water parks, spas, hotels, resorts, public pools, recreation centers, restaurants and kids’ party halls.

If you wish to start or conduct an expansion of a project for the kids which offers an above average image, take into account the central figures from fibrart, which will provide you with instant themes in a simple way with pieces for life.

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