Water parks construction and design

Water parks construction and design in Fibrart is the result of 25 years of experience as the main water park supplier in Mexico. We have collaborated in numerous water park projects; particularly we are proud of our direct contribution to the development of the fourth largest water park in our country.

Our designers focus on maximizing our clients benefits by creating their projects minimizing future operational costs, reducing risks, functional and attractive designs, helping you to have a faster return on investment and higher profits.

The water parks design that Fibrart offers starts with the first concepts and planning. We include in our lay outs all the aquatic attractions and we incorporate all of the complementary services such as sports fields, souvenir stores, medical service, parking, food and beverages selling points, restrooms, administration offices, ticket offices, entrances, theming of every area, among others.

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The water slide design is one of our main characteristics in our projects. We center our attention on reducing the costs of support columns and platforms. Our engineering staff will create designs where several slides will share support columns always to reduce investment costs.

Thereby Fibrart is the leader in water park designs in Mexico and Latin America having developed and designed at least three times more parks than ay other competitor in the region.