Water Slides & Theme Parks

Fibrart is a leading manufacturer of water slides, fiberglass flumes, inner-tube slides, thrilling free-fall and high-speed water slides, kids play areas in theme parks, fiberglass figures for theme parks and wave pools. We also provide technical support for the construction and design of water parks, water theme parks, waterpark development, aquatic parks, water parks facilities and other aquatic attractions. more about Fibrart »


Water Slides

Water Slides for Theme Parks

Water slides are the most popular attractions for kids and grown-ups who visit aquatic parks. more about water slides »

Extreme Fun!

Free-fall Water Slides for Theme Parks

A free-fall slide bring new life to your park with a star attraction providing fun for the whole family. more about free-fall slides »

Aquatic Attractions

Aquatic Attractions For Theme Parks

Learn why a water slide can take your theme park to another dimension, providing users a unique experience. more about aquatic attractions »

New Theme Parks

Design of New Theme Parks

If you are planning on building a new theme park, consider that Fibrart's aquatic attractions can give a new dimension to your park. more about new theme parks »